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We believe that our business must be conducted in accordance with the same ethical standards that we maintain in our own lives. Therefore we are clearly stating that Agio Publishing House operates with a defined corporate social conscience, just like an individual must. Many of society's problems can be traced to people and corporations pursuing profit as the only measure of success, in flagrant disregard to impact on the environment and the community. We are choosing to be different – to be part of the solution.

Our company is committed to corporate social responsibility, and therefore follows the 'triple-bottom-line' approach to measuring success. This means we track not only our financial progress (what most people know as the only 'bottom line'), but also our performance in society and the environment (the other two bottom lines).

What are examples of triple-bottom-line practices in independent publishing?

Financially: we will provide our sincere best efforts, at a fair price, in publishing and marketing your book. We guarantee all our work. We will be efficient and innovative in helping you determine the best path and the optimal marketing mix.

Environmentally: we work electronically on writing, editing and proofing wherever possible to save on fossil fuels, paper and shipping. We generally employ print-on-demand for printing your book -- that means minimal waste, paper with 30% recycled fibre, and less shipping of finished books. None of the new fiber content in the paper used in printing Agio books comes from ancient forests. The eBook editions involve no printing and no shipping except a flow of recycled electrons over the Internet! Audio books similarly do not require manufacturing, nor physical shipping, if distributed in MP3 format over the Internet to the end purchasers. Where audio books are sold on CDs, these are manufactured on demand to ensure there is no waste in over-production. Through all stages, we strive to have the smallest possible environmental footprint – even our website servers are run on sustainable wind power!

Socially: our invention of on-demand publishing has democratized book publishing, empowering over 100,000 new authors to be published. (Yes, Bruce really was the inventor of the print-on-demand publishing process!) Their readers around the world have access to greatly enriched and expanded literary opportunities. And, of course, by enabling and empowering people, our publishing process is a tool for personal and social change.

Minority views and suppressed interests now have a communications platform. We are helping individuals express their lives' purposes, enabling them to achieve a higher level of actualization. POD publishing is being used to preserve culture, whether that knowledge is in the form of memoirs or in primers for endangered languages.

We donate a portion of profits to leading environmental and social causes, including advocacy work on behalf of independent authors everywhere and sponsorship of a child in Niger, Africa.

Agio Publishing House is a division of Trelawny Consulting Group Ltd., a BC-registered corporation owned by Bruce and Marsha Batchelor.

To learn more, please go to About Agio: Bruce & Marsha Batchelor.

To watch an example of our pro bono work on reducing the environmental impact caused by overprinting of books (over 2.7 million are discarded EVERY DAY!, check out this video:

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