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MARSHA BATCHELOR has had her hand in art all her life and strives to listen to her own advice. She co-owns Agio Publishing House on Gabriola Island, BC and is an award-winning graphic designer specializing in book design.

DAN BATCHELOR is a photographer, videographer and competitive athlete who loves the balance between individual focus and teamwork to achieve joy and success for everyone. He owns www.profilecreative.ca.


JUST PASSING THROUGH offers you 26 opportunities to consider life in perhaps a new way. The thoughts, quotations and photo/art collages were designed to inspire us all to create the lives we want. We hope they will help slow down the spin of daily life and gently remind us that our everyday thoughts are extremely important.

The ideas in our heads are what create our lives, so we need to pay close attention to them and decide if that is really what we wish to think and how we wish to act. It's like a puzzle - by finding a piece that fits with your spirit, you move along a new and exciting path. Yahoo! Now look for another, and another and another... watch for the wonderful things that will happen as you gracefully step into a new way of perceiving life.

As we are all just passing through, while being offered abundant opportunities every day, let's pay attention and accomplish everything that we set our minds on! Again and again.
                                         — Dan & Marsha Batchelor



PAINT & EYE is a compilation of abstract art, from 2012 to the beginning of 2018, by Marsha Batchelor. An active book designer for over 30 years, helping authors achieve their book dreams, apps and ebooks, Marsha stepped out into the world of abstract art. With eyes closed, trust in the process of experiential learning, and in encouraging her opposite hand to take over, she allows and uncovers her unknown stories in acrylics with ink, graphite, conte, collage and more. From there, the pieces evolve in an atmosphere of letting go and letting be. By believing in a process of cause and effect, and by stepping outside the mind, her work evolves into a colourful expression. She loves the found energy of abstract painting. Total fun!

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