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Annie Rochette, occupational therapist, PhD, is a full professor at the School of Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université of Montréal and researcher at the Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation du Montréal métropolitain. She is the current leader of the world-renowned stroke rehabilitation website: www.strokengine.ca.

Philippe Gaulin was a clinical psychoanalyst from 1986 to 2014. An essayist, and graduate of philosophy and clinical psychopathology, he holds various teaching and academic research positions and is responsible for the phenomenological component of this book. He has published several books and scientific articles on the method and the psychoanalytic clinic, and on the analysis of the technomedical society.

About The Book

Stroke Phenomenology: Why a Stroke on That Day and Under These Circumstances?

The time when a stroke occurs is not trivial; for some, it is the date of an anniversary or a meaningful and emotionally overinvested event. Testimonials presented in this book provide a better understanding of how the psychosocial, affective and symbolic factors can be determinants of a stoke's occurrence.

This stroke phenomenology is an expression of the typical framework of a topology of the processes of symptom formation; it elaborates the theoretical and clinical methodology of a phenoanalytical interview which is based on the main theses of phenomenology, of psychoanalysis and of existential analysis.

Written at the limits of the philosophical, clinical and scientific approach, this book may be of interest as much to health care professionals who work with individuals who have had a stroke, as to academic researchers using the phenomenological approach. This book will naturally be of interest to the general public, especially the individual who has had a stroke and their relatives.

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