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Bruce Trelawny Batchelor
•Book Marketing DeMystified
•Nine Dog Winter
•Dog Team to Dawson
Val PatteeMajor General Val Pattee
The Onion Files
Rowland MarshallRowland Charles Marshall
Luck Was My Companion
Barry MathiasBarry Mathias
•The Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy
•The Celtic Dreams Trilogy
David StirlingDavid Stirling
Birds, Beasts and a Bike Under the Southern Cross
Martha M. GoguenMartha M. Goguen
•Global Heart Warming
•Sissy Goes to Washington
•The Doggie Lama
•The Wildflower Bee & Bee
•The Banyan Tree Club
Nadine MerceyNadine Mercey
Deeper Souls, Less Shoes
Mary-Jane Bateman and Bruce FogelMary-Jane Bateman and Bruce Fogel 
Knowledge of Oneness: Letters of Enlightenment from Beyond the Veil
David StaumeDavid Staume
•The Atheist Afterlife
Jane and Jim PrattJane and Jim Pratt
Turtle on a Fence Post
Blaise EagleheartBlaise Eagleheart
Journey to the Inner Circle, and Beyond
Caroline WhiteheadCaroline Whitehead
•Surviving the Shadows
•Rowland: A Heart of Sunshine
•Under the Old Railway Clock
•The Boys of St. Mary's
•The Courage to Look Back
Michael D. PittMichael D. Pitt
•Beyond the End of the Road
•Franklin, Oops, Mud & Cupcake
Michael D. PittScotty Gardiner
In The Mind Of A Mountie
Christine BuzziChristine Buzzi
Valley of the Misty Mountain - Book 1 of the Kodi Trilogy
Suzanne SeamanSuzanne Seaman
Messages from Light
Joseph EliezerJoseph Eliezer
Simply Spirit - Book 1 of the Words by Joseph series
Linda HunterLinda Hunter
An Unforgettable After-Grad
Ann GorraAnn Gorra
City of Gold
Mel AnthonyMel Anthony
Pranksters at Play: Tales Out of School
Adam HartAdam Hart
e3 for LIFE
W. Thomson MartinW. Thomson Martin
The Bluff Detector
Dan BatchelorDan Batchelor
Just Passing Through
Marsha BatchelorMarsha Batchelor
Just Passing Through
Paint & Eye
Tom MorisonTom Morison
In Search of Her Ayah
Alan R. RoyAlan R. Roy
From Clay To Classrooms
Oliva & McBride
Lori Holmes-BoyleL.A. Holmes-Boyle
The Second Seraph Trilogy
Leanne JonesLeanne Jones
•It's Cool To Be Clever
•The 'Forever Battery' Invention
•Mr. Braschuk's Marvellous Motor
Tony EdwardsTony Edwards
The Slope of Kongwa Hill
Robert PereiraDr. Robert Pereira
•Faces of Dual Diagnosis
•Reflections of Dual Diagnosis
Carl MawbyCarl Mawby
Safety & Security for the Over-55s
Patrick CreanDr. Patrick Crean
•Science, Self-Knowledge & Spirituality
•Pictures On My Pillows
Karen McCoyKaren McCoy
One Rep at a Time
Hank SandsHank Sands
A Wolf's Moon
Tetsuro SaitoTetsuro Saito
Shin So Shiatsu, 2nd edition
Gregory MarchandGregory Marchand
Open Heart Runner
John C. SmithJohn C. Smith
The Scarlet Sentinels

First Class Passage
Youssef Abdul SamadYoussef Abdul Samad
So That the Poem Remains
Ghada AlatrashGhada Alatrash
So That the Poem Remains
Gwen Weiss-NumeroffGwen Weiss-Numeroff
Extraordinary Centenarians in America
Tom Rippon and Graham KempTom Rippon & Graham Kemp
Governance and Security as a Unitary Concept
B.A.K. SimB.A.K. Sim
Double Rainbow over Full Moon
Rick ButlerRick Butler
The Mountie in the House and Other Stories
Janet ClarksonJanet Clarkson
At My Father's Knee
Bud CarrollBud Carroll
The Third Path
Ed BrownEd Brown
A Soldier's Fortune and Other Poems
Charlie ScheidemanCharles Scheideman
When Grampa was a Mountie
MichKa Art PlayMichKa Art Play (Michelle Miller & Kate Carson)
•Funky Animals
•Anti-stress Colouring & Doodling Book
•Art of Michelle Miller
Janet BrooksJanet Brooks
Painting Out Loud
Vernon BrooksVernon Brooks
Storm Rising
Barry AndruschakBarry Andruschak
Prospecting & Setting Appointments Made Easy
M. Anne MorbeyM. Anne Morbey
Neil's Story: A Cancer Cure & Love
Adam HennickAdam Hennick
All Good Things
Alan CasselsAlan Cassels
The Cochrane Collaboration
Guy DaunceyGuy Dauncey
Journey To The Future
Leanne JonesLeanne Jones
Blood In The Cabin
Nova Bannatyne-EngNova Bannatyne-Eng
Just Think, I Could Have Been Normal
Trevor WatsonTrevor Watson
Straddling the 'HOUND
Capt. Bob GartshoreCapt. Bob Gartshore
A Life of Flight
Emisch OghmaEmisch Oghma
In Your Face
David Johnston, PhDDavid Johnston, PhD
Jung's Global Vision
Linda L. NardelliLinda L. Nardelli
Mystical Intimacy
G. Michael SmithG. Michael Smith
The Forevers: Fixer 13, Master Fixer, Impostor & Omie 17
•Bernie the Banana Slug
Joy GartshoreJoy Gartshore
From Here & Nowhere
Naiyf SaudNaiyf Saud
Scienatics: The Science of Science
Jeff BatchelorJeff Batchelor
everydaybetter: A Model of Possibilities
Jona GorraJona Gorra, MD
It's Only a Bump
H.B. DumontH.B. Dumont
• The Black Hat
• Spine of the Antiquarian
• Kiss of the Death Adder
• Assassin in My Bed
• Gunpowder Treason and Plot
Annie RochettePhilippe Gaulin
Annie Rochette & Philippe Gaulin

Stroke Phenomenology
John Groshell John Groshell
Confessions of a Wee Poison PGA Golf Pro
K A KellyKathleen Ann Kelly
Where Dogs Dwell
Vivien MuirVivien Muir
Emma and Golden and the Inner Wisdom Way


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