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Barry Mathias is a writer of novels, plays and poetry. He has directed and appeared in plays presented on the Islands and in Britain. Mathias emigrated from England with his wife and two daughters in 1990, and instructed at Camosun College in Victoria. He retired from teaching in December 2000 and opened a bookstore with his wife on Pender Island. They sold this successful business in January 2007 so Mathias could devote more time to writing. He is available for interviews and dramatic readings. His website is www.BarryMathias.com.

About The Books - The Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy

"Holy Grail trilogy abounds in bold action and accurate historical detail -- Pender Island playwright-director pens novels with engaging plot, compelling characters and quick pacing"

Barry Mathias, former Camosun College instructor, will launch the first two novels of his Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy in June 2008. Exciting historical adventures with 'vivid imagery and dramatic action,' these novels explore the timeless battle between good and evil, against a background of England, France and the Holy Land in the 12th century. The Holy Grail puzzle is given a new twist in Mathias's dramatic story.

The Power in the Dark is the first novel of this fast-moving historical fantasy, set in 1112, thirteen years after the fall of Jerusalem at the end of the first Crusade. The action takes place in Wessex County, England, where John and Gwen, who are in their mid-teens, find themselves the focus of powerful enemies and wonderful friends.

Shadow of the Swords continues the dramatic story in the years 1113 - 1116, introducing new characters and the concepts of nobility, friendship and love. The action moves from Wessex and Stonehenge, to France, Cyprus and eventually the Holy Land. There are romances and deadly battles, and always the unanswered questions: Why do the Knights of The Order want to control Gwen? Why is John called The Keeper of the Grail? And what is the connection between John and Gwen?

All is revealed in The Keeper of the Grail. The final novel embraces the founding of the Knights Templar in 1118, an epic power struggle in the Holy Land, and the surprising truth about John and Gwen's bloodlines.

An earlier version of the first novel is already in use by a number of BC schools. The late editor of The Malahat Review, Robin Skelton, said of The Power in the Dark: "A good story, well told. Moves along with speed and clarity, and with such vivid imagery and dramatic action that the reader becomes excited and possessed, as are the book's characters."

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About The Books - Celtic Dreams of Glory

Set in Wales in pre-Norman times, this unusual and gripping novel deals with a time period that few writers have explored. In 1039 the Welsh defeated a huge Saxon army at the Battle of Rhyd-y-Groes. The Celtic forces were led by the charismatic Gruffyd ap Llewelyn, King of Powys and Gwynedd. The story follows the battles and personal triumphs of his gradual rise to become the first and only King of All Wales in 1057, and embraces the lives of his two greatest supporters, Gwriad and Dafydd, the sons of the famous General Cydweli.

The novel accurately portrays the poverty and aspirations of the Welsh people, the stark beauty of their landscape, and brings historical relevance to the rise and fall of Wales' greatest King. Amid the plotting of the Welsh nobles and the bloody battles with Saxons, Gwriad and Dafydd remain loyal to their King. They marry unusual women, rise to great importance, but are unprepared for the sudden and awful reversal of their dreams.

Written by Barry Mathias, author of the Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy.

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  • The Power in The Dark, ISBN 978-1-897435-11-3, Agio Publishing House: Victoria, 2008. trade paperback. Available at Munro's, Bolen's and Coles in Victoria, Tanner's in Sidney, Talisman Books on Pender Island, and at Amazon.com
  • Shadows of the Swords, ISBN 978-1-897435-13-7, Agio Publishing House: Victoria, 2008. trade paperback. Available at Munro's, Bolen's and Coles in Victoria, Tanner's in Sidney, Talisman Books on Pender Island, and at Amazon.com
  • Keeper of the Grail, ISBN 978-1-897435-15-1, Agio Publishing House: Victoria, 2010. trade paperback. Available at Munro's, Bolen's and Coles in Victoria, Tanner's in Sidney, Talisman Books on Pender Island, and at Amazon.com
  • eBook editions:
    • Barry Mathias's The Power in the Dark: Book 1 of The Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy, ISBN 978-1897435-12-0 eBook edition at www.lulu.com/content/2467428
    • Barry Mathias's Shadow of the Swords: Book 2 of The Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy, ISBN 978-1897435-14-3 eBook edition at www.lulu.com/content/2467622

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Celtic Dreams of Glory in Paperback, at Amazon's USA and UK websites

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"Trilogy Gives Intriguing Picture of Middle Ages ... If you like being drawn into another time and place, this is the trilogy for you! Barry has written a well rounded adventure, full of details, and packed with action, but has also kept the historical context clear."
-- Helen Lemon-Moore, reviewer for Island Tides newspaper
Read full review here.

"A terrific tale, fast paced and gripping to the end. Looking forward to the next two books in Barry Mathias's ambitious trilogy, on 12th Century medieval England, the Crusades and the Holy Grail."
-- Mike Harcourt, author and former Premier of British Columbia

"A band of 12th Century characters fan out across southern England, Europe and the Holy Land unraveling a mystery about lost birthright, power and magic. Full of twists, turns and incidents and vivid descriptions of the violence and lawlessness of medieval life and of the medieval landscape, a thought provoking read."
-- Island Tides newspaper

"Crafted with great cunning and flair which makes for a wild and electrifying read"
-- Ann Coombs, futurist and bestselling author


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